Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Krohn's - {Family Session}

Ohhhh my. This family is seriously too cute to be true. I could say it a million times. Too cute. Too cute. Too cute. TOO CUTE! Their basically the all-american family everyone dreams about(or at least I do!). A perfect and even four. Mommy, Daddy, Daughter, and Son. Perfect. With my full emphasis being on weddings now and the time I have been devoting to my website/branding lately, I don't take a whole lot of family bookings anymore. Their session makes me wish I did! So perfect in every way. My camera couldn't have loved them more.

Here's a little selection of the many adorable photos captured that day! :)

I just love everything about this shot!!! Isn't Little Miss Jade a cutie pie?!

I was AMAZED at the body language between these two. On the very first pose I put them in, they fell into it so naturally that I had to question "Have you done this before?!?!"

And last but not least....


Monday, April 18, 2011

Gianna: Senior Session

I really like this girl! She's beautiful, fun, has a great smile....and she's my cousin. So maybe I'm a little biased, but I think she's great! :) I was soooo excited to shoot her senior portraits, knowing it would be a breeze with how incredibly photogrenic she is.

I love her laugh in all of these it makes the image so fun and instantly adds life to it. So for future clients: Don't be afraid to laugh in front of my camera!! When I try to get a giggle out of you, let it out!! :)

So here we go, with my favorites from the session....Ahh I love them all!!!

These next two are my absolute FAVORITES of the day!! Can you say Rock Star?!?!

This is about as close as we get to "lush fields" in the desert I live in. However. my clients are surprisingly easy-going when I suggest they lay down in the weeds ;)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kelly & Sal: Las Vegas Engagement Session

Oh how long I have excitedly awaited this session :)

If I had to describe Kelly as one thing, it would be: easy going. (Even though Sal doesn't seem to agree with this opinion). She completely trusted me when it came to locations, times, helping her pick her outfits, without worrying one bit. She did the same with Celeste, who came along to style her hair and makeup(and will also be styling the wedding!!! Yay!). Kelly is just very laid back and tons of fun. Basically, she'd gonna be the perfect wife!

If I had to describe Sal as one thing, it would be: a crack up. Since he wasn't at the contract signing & consultation, my first time meeting him was in lobby of their hotel. As he showed us up to the room where Kelly was, Celeste asked him "So, are you excited for today?" and his response was "Hell no!". Hahahha you know men and how they loooove taking pictures. I assured him that getting his picture taken for 3+ hours surely wouldn't be half as bad as he expected! However I'm sure he didn't really believe me until the end, when he admitted that I was wasn't THAT bad. He had me laughing all night though with his funny remarks, like when he saw Kelly all styled and made up and said "Wow, you look better". Or when he asked me "So for these pictures I'm gonna have to like hold her and stare into her eyes and stuff?!?!". It's all a humorous front. He loves her like crazy.

I love couples I can joke with. This, being a reason why I think these two are loads of fun! :) I suggested Vegas for their session because I wanted a location that would showcase and bring out their fun side. It was the perfect choice :) SO much to shoot with! It was definitely a photographer's playground.

Kelly and Sal are so perfect for each other. Kelly puts up with Sal, and Sal adores her! ;) Hahaha. But mostly, they know how to have fun! And what's better than that?

I can't wait until the wedding, to surely have even more laughs with these two. Oh...and maybe get some awesome photos while we're at it! :)

Here's some highlights of their session!

We started our day portion off at the Bellagio and the areas surrounding it...

Ohhh my goodness. Kelly, you're gorgeous!!!!

For the night portion, we started off at the Cosmopolitan hotel. I LOVED what Celeste did with Kelly's hair and makeup. It was perfect!!

Well Hello super model....

Back out to the Bellagio, JUST in time for the water show :)

And the off to Caesars Palace :)


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Monique: Senior Session.

This is Monique. She reminds me a lot of myself when I was a senior. Same school, same extra-curricular activities, same style...a lot of sames :) These similarities especially came in handy, when she was able to use my cap and gown for the session because none of the seniors have gotten theirs yet. I can be pretty useful sometimes ;)

I love senior sessions because I remember so well what it was like to be there(it wasn't too terribly long ago for me!). And it was definitely one of the best times of my life! I love talking to my seniors about their plans for the future, thoughts on their high school years,'s just a really fun age to hang out with! :)

Here are some of my favorite shots from my session with Monique...

This next image totally captures the essence of what I remember feeling like at the end of my senior year and probably what a lot of seniors feel to take on the world! :)