Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brooke&Cody: Couple.

It's Brooke again! The headshots were simply not enough, and we decided a session with her boyfriend, Cody, was most definitely in store. Recently I have been OBSESSED with night sessions, something about all of the lights and the dramatic look it gives....makes my heart race! I decided that a night session would be a perfect fit for Brooke and Cody. I had a blast working with them and I can honestly say this session is one of my favorites....EVER!
Here's the images....

It scares me how much they look like Barbie and Ken in this one....

Ohhh love...

There's something so paparazzi-ish about this one...I love it!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brooke: Portraits.

This is Brooke. BROOKE. TURNER. Remember that name. I promise you are going to be hearing it everywhere very soon. She is on the fast track to mega fame and I am so excited for her! I was so happy when she asked me to do her headshots for her portfolio and it was OBVIOUSLY an easy job to capture stunning photos of her. Oh and one more thing...if you go to Disneyland and Cinderella looks oddly familiar...come back to this post and look at the pictures of Cind...umm...I mean...BROOKE. But I'm definitely not trying to say that it's actually Brooke dressed up as Cinderella, working at Disneyland, because of course the princesses are real!!!!! ;)

Here is my beautiful friend, Brooke!...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ShowIt Freedom Tour

On Thursday, I attended the AWESOME ShowIt freedom tour with my friend and fellow photographer, Jennifer Tuttle. This event took place at a funky little boutique in Orange County, called The Wedding Pantry. Me and Jenn arrived pretty early(would have been even earlier if we hadn't spent so much time wandering around a law office, thinking we were at the right place!) and got to hang out and chat with the ShowIt support crew, which was pretty awesome getting to talk face-to-face with the people who helped me so much in the cyber world!
The night then proceeded with a concert from Molly Jenson who serenaded us with some pretty sweet live music! The speakers for the night were Gabriel Ryan, Rudy Arpia, and Jessica Claire. All of them were super helpful and covered all kinds of business topics including workflow, branding, marketing, and soooo much more. To put it this way, it was AMAZING. I am so excited to put into effect all of the super great things I learned.
And to make things even more exciting...I finally bought a Shootsac! Took me long enough! But I am so glad I waited because Jessica sold it to me herself :)

Here's a few photos from the night!

Jenn and I with our super cool "Free to be me" shirts the ShowIt crew gave out!

Jessica Claire and I, RIGHT after I bought my Shootsac!!(I'm beaming with joy!!)

Jenn and I with Jessica.

ShowIt, thanks for the awesome experience! Looking forward to attending more events in the future :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

David&Malerie: Married.

This is David and Malerie. We go back. I've known them both since high school and really never would have guessed that I would one day be shooting their wedding! Well actually, a month ago I had no idea I would be shooting their wedding. Here's the thing....Just a few weeks ago, Malerie was with me in Arizona second shooting Cynthia and Aaron's wedding. During this time she told me about how her fiancee David(who is in the army and currently living in Texas) would be coming out in a couple of weeks and they had plans to elope at the courthouse and she would be moving to Texas with him in the months to follow. I was pretty surprised when I got a phone call from her a week later saying that they were going to be having a small ceremony the following week and she HAD to have me there to shoot it. I don't know how they pulled it all together so quick, but it was beautiful! The whole arrangement worked in my favor because since they were having a small dinner after, rather than a large reception, I was given as much time with them as I wanted for portraits....I was basically in heaven. Here's a few of my favorites(which were very, very hard for me to choose).

I can't even describe what it was like to be around them, having spent such a large amount of their relationship miles apart, they couldn't get enough of eachother. Everytime I turned my back they were giggling and whispering to eachother. So cute...

Once we had gotten all of the "formal" shots done, we decided it would be pretty cool to have David remove his jacket and show off his ink...

David insisted that Malerie wear her glasses in some of the photos. If he had things his way, she would have walked down the aisle in them! I love this shot...

Congratulations you guys! Malerie, I am going to miss you when you leave for Texas, please come back and visit a lot!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lexx&Carly: Portraits.

I don't know how, or why...but I somehow get lucky enough to take pictures of some of the most beautiful people ever. These two girls are no exception. Young and stunning, I think they both belong on the cover of a magazine. For their shoot, we kept it extremely local, never going further than 2 miles from our home. And we were still able to nail some pretty awesome locations. Meet Lexx and Carly...

This is Lexx.

This is Carly.

When the sun went down, we weren't done yet...a quick wardrobe change and we were back out, this time with a completely different overall feel and style.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Where am I?

Hello!!! This is just a quick little post to let you know about where else I am on the world wide web. I just recently launched my new website and I want to make sure that all of you who know me only through blogspot get a chance to see it! So here are the other places I can be found!


Facebook: CLICK HERE


And that's about it for now.

I will end this post with a sneak post from David and Malerie's wedding this past weekend. Full post up very soon!!