Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Krohn's - {Family Session}

Ohhhh my. This family is seriously too cute to be true. I could say it a million times. Too cute. Too cute. Too cute. TOO CUTE! Their basically the all-american family everyone dreams about(or at least I do!). A perfect and even four. Mommy, Daddy, Daughter, and Son. Perfect. With my full emphasis being on weddings now and the time I have been devoting to my website/branding lately, I don't take a whole lot of family bookings anymore. Their session makes me wish I did! So perfect in every way. My camera couldn't have loved them more.

Here's a little selection of the many adorable photos captured that day! :)

I just love everything about this shot!!! Isn't Little Miss Jade a cutie pie?!

I was AMAZED at the body language between these two. On the very first pose I put them in, they fell into it so naturally that I had to question "Have you done this before?!?!"

And last but not least....



  1. Straight out of a dream! Gorgeous!

  2. This Location + This Light + This Family? Too CUTE!! :))