Wednesday, September 15, 2010


WHERE HAVE I BEEN?????? Geeze. I feel like I have jumped on a space shuttle and left Planet Blog. And I am NOT proud of it. In the whirlwind that has been my life these past few weeks, blogging has somehow managed to slip through the cracks. And believe me....I have tons of awesome blog posts planned for you all, including the last 2 weddings I shot and some other personal things/projects. And they are coming SOON, my good people :)
So if you're wondering where on earth I've been the answer is simple: I'm vending at a bridal expo on the 26th. And being my first one, it is taking just about EVERY ounce of me to be ready for it in time! For those of you who are getting married and are local to the Laguna Hills area, you should definitely come check out the show and stop by to visit with me! I would love it! CLICK HERE for more info :) I have a few free VIP passes left if you want to get in for free!! Email me at
Other than the expo, I have been meeting with my 2011 brides and booking tons of fabulous weddings for next year. I really CANNOT. CONTAIN. MY. EXCITEMENT. I love each of these new couples so dearly and 2011 is shaping up to be amazing!!
Alsoooo....I have been working on some exciting stuff behind the scenes involving some new things with my brand and top secret business...and maybe just, MAYBE, something to do with oh...i don't know...a new website and blog? Hmmmm...I guess only time will tell ;) Keep posted to see everything come together.
And that concludes this ultra-exciting Kristen Booth news report(definitely kidding). If you took the time to read all of this gibberish,'re pretty special. We should be best friends. No, but seriously if you took the time to read this, you're pretty dedicated. Let me know and I'll bake you some cookies! ;)

Here's a little teaser from Paulina&Juan's wedding a couple of weekends ago...


  1. Beautiful picture and I am excited for you! I hope the expo goes well and 2011 turns out wonderful for you...Now I know I better book you way in advance for mine hah

  2. I did indeed take the time to read it. Where are my cookies?? lol JK they would be pretty nasty by the time they reached me!!