Monday, September 20, 2010

Paulina&Juan: Married.

Mother Nature was most definitely in favor of Paulina and Juan's marriage. And why wouldn't she be, when they have been dating for 10 YEARS??? I still can't get over it. Well, Mother Nature lined it up just perfect for this day...the sun was beaming gloriously but there was just enough breeze to keep it tolerable. And the weather stayed lovely all the way through to their adorable backyard reception that started right as the sun was about to set. Ahhh...perfection. One of my favorite parts of the day was watching Paulina as she took deep breaths and tried to steady her trembling hands, as she was spending her final moments as an un-married woman. I smiled to myself thinking this is probably the same way she might have looked back in high school when she first started dating Juan. The feelings were all still there...butterflies in the tummy, anxiousness, and love. But now in a completely new form..the same feelings she felt before, but intensified by a bond of 10 years together.

Here's a few favorites...

I LOVED how their son stood beside his parents and hept his arm around them as they were up at the altar for their ceremony. So sweet :)

I think she's checkin' him out ;)

DANG. Get it girrrrrl...

There truly was not a dry eye to be found during Paulina's very emotional dance with her grand father.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Merlos, I am so happy for you!

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