Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Day: Couples sessions.

So if you've never been to Southern're probably one of those people who seriously believes we all walk around in daisy dukes with bikinis on top 24/7. Well I'm here to tell you that's not true! While we do have pretty fair weather, we get the occasional snow here where I live. (However I'm pretty angry that those occasional snows never seem to conveniently fall on Christmas!!! No white Christmas for me yet, booohoooo). A few weeks ago, we got a surprise few inches of snow that seemed to be just what the doctor prescribed for this town. Even though it was gone after one day, that one day was one of the best. Everyone was out walking in it, playing in it, and just ENJOYING it. (I know all of you people from cold places are probably laughing at the thought of us SoCal dwellers getting giddy over a few inches of snow, but remember, It's rare for us!!!). I was no exception to the "stay outside till your toes freeze off" rule. I spent my day....can you guess....?.....SHOOTING! Oh yes. The second I saw that fluffy white powder outside of my window I was itching to take some photos. So I got the pleasure of doing 2 mini-sessions with two adorable couples that day, and ohhhh boy did I enjoy it. Part of me is contemplating moving somewhere that I can shoot in the snow all winter....Kidding! But I enjoyed it while it lasted :)

Here's a few images from my session with Jordan and Kylie! :)

And some from my session with Lauren and Nick!
P.S. It was Lauren's birthday, that day! How cool is that? Happy Birthday, Lauren! :)


  1. I love how there is green grass sticking out underneath the snow. Here on the east coast we're all in neutral browns by now! :P