Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shelby {Senior Session}

Stacey....Sydney....Sandy....SHELBY! Yes, Shelby.

I don't know what it was about this girl's name that had me sitting in my car right before the session, staring at my phone forcing my brain to memorize it. I'm usually great with names. It's birthdays that I'm bad at. I have to ask my best friend EVERY year what the date of hers is....we've been friends for going on 16 years...yeah, it's that bad :P

Anyways....once I got the name down....(SHELBY!!!)....I got to learn more about this awesome girl and all that she has going for her. I feel like a proud mother as I sit here and brag about her and all of her achievements. But she really is amazing!!

Let's put it this way....

She's a web designer and a race car driver. Cool, huh?

She discovered her passion for graphic design her junior year in a class she took for it at her high school. She decided to take it a step further than the class by joining a club on campus called SkillsUSA, in which students in career and technical training courses can compete in their division regional and state levels. Shelby of course competed in web design and placed gold at the regionals and bronze at the state level. Then went on to place the same rankings her senior year! She mentioned that the web competition involves a 2 person team, creating an entire site for a company in 6.5 hours...from scratch! Talk about intense!!

As for racing, Shelby has been behind the wheel for 5 years. She races 1/4 mile oval tracks and has moved on from smaller cars to full size stock cars(basically what you would see on NASCAR). Not only does she now race against grown men (her youngest opponent is in his late 20's), but she also has made some other triumphs for the ladies, by being the first female to race at either of her hometracks AND by being the first and only female to race there in the full-size stock car division. But don't let this racing business fool ya...she's a total girly girl!

Okay enough talking and onto the photos! Here's some of my favorites of the day :)

Her SkillsUSA medals! :)

She brought her boyfriend along, so I was able to get some fun shots of them together too! :)

She wanted to get some shots that break the Female Racer = Tomboy, stereotype. Like this one!

Shelby's dad came along for the session, in his VW bug, without ever having the intention of use using it for anyshots. However...when I saw it there parked gloriously on the dry lakebed and how well her outfit matched it, I could NOT resist the opportunity...

And last but not for dad!



  1. These are stunning! The shots on the dry lakebed are perfection.(And, LOVE her dress!)

  2. Ummm... Can we photoshop MY face on all the ones in the lake bed? No but seriously girl. Gorgeous! :)