Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brooke: Portraits.

This is Brooke. BROOKE. TURNER. Remember that name. I promise you are going to be hearing it everywhere very soon. She is on the fast track to mega fame and I am so excited for her! I was so happy when she asked me to do her headshots for her portfolio and it was OBVIOUSLY an easy job to capture stunning photos of her. Oh and one more thing...if you go to Disneyland and Cinderella looks oddly familiar...come back to this post and look at the pictures of Cind...umm...I mean...BROOKE. But I'm definitely not trying to say that it's actually Brooke dressed up as Cinderella, working at Disneyland, because of course the princesses are real!!!!! ;)

Here is my beautiful friend, Brooke!...

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