Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cynthia&Aaron: Married

Last weekend I packed my bags and drove to Bullhead, Arizona to shoot Cynthia and Aaron's wedding. I was so happy to be a part of their big day, and along with my assistant/boyfriend, Andrew and my second shooter, Malerie, I knew we would be unstoppable! It was a great day for a wedding, without a cloud in the sky and enough breeze to keep it from getting too hot! Keep scrolling down to see how I tell their story through my lens :)

There's a story behind this next image and why it is remarkable....What you see here is Cynthia's Maid of Honor doing Cynthia's make-up and a bridesmaid sewing the MOH into her dress. The zipper on her dress split right before it was time to walk down the aisle(what's up with you bridal gown manufacturers? this isn't the first wedding I've seen this at!). These girls are so awesome that they found an efficient system to getting it all fixed at once...and the photo explains it all. Everyone walked down the aisle, fully clothed, fully made-up and STUNNING. How cool are they? :)

What was so amazing is how calm and composed Cynthia remained throughout it all. Through every inevitable wedding day malfunction she had a smile on here face and a worry-free attitude. She didn't forget what the day was really celebrate her love for Aaron and become his wife!

Just look at the two of them...they go together so naturally. I LOVE IT!

That veil blowing in the wind and surrounding her? Quite luscious.

I love the laughter in this one...

And the passion in this one....

Everyone was partyin' at the reception :)

Congratulations! I wish you both the best for the future. Not that you'll need my good wishes, you two are already good to go :)