Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stephanie: "Bridal"

This is Stephanie. My long time friend and also my experimental model. Ever since I started pursuing photography, she was always my girl to call when I wanted to get out and shoot and didn't have any "real" shoots lined up. If you wanna be technical, she was the very first person I ever took pictures of with an SLR camera :) Awwww Steph....If you are wondering why bridal is in quotes, it is because Stephanie really isn't a bride yet, this was just another of our many spur of the moment shoots. After throwing on the dress her sister got married in, tracking down a veil, and very quickly getting her hair and makeup done by yours truly(more like SUPER RUSH in the race to beat the quickly setting sun), we headed out to the dusty ol' Victorville desert and got the shots you see below :)

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