Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ShowIt Freedom Tour

On Thursday, I attended the AWESOME ShowIt freedom tour with my friend and fellow photographer, Jennifer Tuttle. This event took place at a funky little boutique in Orange County, called The Wedding Pantry. Me and Jenn arrived pretty early(would have been even earlier if we hadn't spent so much time wandering around a law office, thinking we were at the right place!) and got to hang out and chat with the ShowIt support crew, which was pretty awesome getting to talk face-to-face with the people who helped me so much in the cyber world!
The night then proceeded with a concert from Molly Jenson who serenaded us with some pretty sweet live music! The speakers for the night were Gabriel Ryan, Rudy Arpia, and Jessica Claire. All of them were super helpful and covered all kinds of business topics including workflow, branding, marketing, and soooo much more. To put it this way, it was AMAZING. I am so excited to put into effect all of the super great things I learned.
And to make things even more exciting...I finally bought a Shootsac! Took me long enough! But I am so glad I waited because Jessica sold it to me herself :)

Here's a few photos from the night!

Jenn and I with our super cool "Free to be me" shirts the ShowIt crew gave out!

Jessica Claire and I, RIGHT after I bought my Shootsac!!(I'm beaming with joy!!)

Jenn and I with Jessica.

ShowIt, thanks for the awesome experience! Looking forward to attending more events in the future :)


  1. Hey Kristen, thanks for being there and I'm glad you found the info to be useful!

  2. I definitely did! Thank you for speaking! You are a ShowIt GENIUS!!! I am so inspired by the personalized pricing pages you showed and the online album proofing as well. I took a ton of notes!!

  3. Thanks for the great review Kristen! See you at the next Freedom Tour!