Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Paulina&Juan: Engagement.

Say hello to Paulina and Juan. These high school sweethearts have been going strong for ten years, and are finally tying the knot and I am so excited to be documenting that as well! I know that the amount of time they waited for this day(ten years!!!) is going to make it even more meaningful and it will be everything they dreamed of. Okay, so maybe to some of you it might seem like I'm putting alot of emphasis on 10 years, but to me that is a long time, it's half of my life!! So that amount of patience and devotion is so inspiring to me :) Spending the afternoon with these two, I would never have guessed they have been together longer than 10 months, because it is quite evident that the fire still burns just as strong as ever. Here's some of my favorites from their engagement session and be sure to check back next month for their wedding images! :)

Oh you two...

I do believe this photo brings out their highschool sweetheart-ness :)

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