Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photographer get together :)

A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Edmund Prieto hosted an awesome get together for all of us local photographers to get together and hang out. It's a cool concept right? A bunch of camera geeks getting together to talk exposure, photoshop and megapixels...well I have to tell you, it was SO much cooler than that. In fact, the first half of the day had nothing to do with photography at all...we all put our cameras to the side and played some volleyball, ate some delicious food, and...had an egg toss. Which I lost...in the form of raw egg smashed in the palms of my hands. Yummy. But there were some pretty awesome prizes for the people who did win, and those prizes were a Shootsac(which I am already a proud owner of one!) and a [b] School Membership(which I desperately wanted to win, but looks like I'm either going to have to get better at catching eggs or fess up the monthly fee!). After all of the egg tossing, volleyball spiking, madness... we headed out to the dry lakebed for a GORGEOUS couple shoot. A big thanks to Johnny and Christin Mortimore for coming out to model for us! Also to Kaycee Marie for the amazing job she did on Christin's hair and makeup and OC Prop Girl for styling the session! The whole day was nothing short of amazing and it was awesome getting to see all of my old friends as well as meeting so many new ones! Who knew there was so much talent in our little desert! Anyway, here's a few of the images I captured from the lakebed shoot :)

It gets a little tricky when you've got 10+ photographers shooting the same subject!

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  1. Those look awesome hun! Keep up the good work!