Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jeanette: After Hours Portrait Session.

Here's Miss Jeanette...she's a spicy one. (Hahaha that looks funnier in text than it sounded in my head, for some reason). She's quite the fashion-savvy lady and is going to school to be a personal stylist. It definitely shows in how she dresses herself! She had me drooling as she pulled out the different outfits she would be wearing for the session...girl's got style. We started the session at 10pm due to highly conflicting schedules and we're practically asleep by the end...it was quite an adventure(a freeeeezingggg one). But my hope is that you would never see the struggles we experienced by looking at the photos and only know of them because I just told you ;P See what you think!

Oh you fancy, huh? (all of these photos evoke lines from hip hop songs in my mind for some reason!!!)

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