Thursday, November 11, 2010

NYC bound!!!

I can't begin to tell you how much I ADORE this place. New York City. Everything about it...the energy, the fast pace, the "larger than life" feel. If you've been there..I'm sure you know. I've been there 3 times and it's never been enough. I always want to stay longer, and I'm always ready to go back, the second I board my plane. The last visit was a few years ago and I've been aching to return. There were several "almost" trips this year, but none of them ended up working out. With next month being December, I had pretty much given up hope on seeing the Big Apple this year. Strangely enough, on my flight home from Chicago this Monday I had a strange feeling it would not be my last flight of the year. Almost a certainty that I would be going on another trip before the end of 2010. I don't know what brought on this feeling...but the funny thing is....I WAS RIGHT.

Wednesday Morning. My mom asks if I have plans for the weekend of December 18th. I mentally file through my calendar and reply "no....why.....?". And she screams " CAUSE I JUST WON A TRIP TO NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Okay...let's pause here so I can fill you in. You've got to understand my mom and her history of wins. Ever since I can remember, she has been entering every radio, online, tv, magazine contest you can imagine. She's always been a stay-at-home mom, raising my sister and I, while my dad worked. So in these years, she picked up a love for contests that grew more and more exciting with every win. Hours and hours a day of entering contests from all over. But don't think it has been wasted energy....I've lost track of her wins. Cars, trips, concert tickets, meet and greets, money, and the list just goes on.... Let's just say, life was never boring :) Most people who don't understand the amount of time she puts in, instantly mistake it for luck. Which could be alot of it. But a good amount is persistence and she definitely has it(which the whole family is always thankful for!). She's in it to win it and has never given up even after dry times when no wins come in for awhile. Because we all know they will come...and they do....

My mom's name was selected out of 5000 entries for a round trip for 4 to New York City for 2 nights. Hotel, flights, tickets to see the Rockette's and a back stage meet and greet....all incuded. It's safe to say I am THRILLED. It's still sinking in that in a little over a month I will be back to the big city. AND, at Christmas time. A time a have never been and that has been on my bucket list for quite awhile. Not to mention...just a mere week before our 3 year anniversary I will be bringing my boyfriend for his first visit to the city I love. It really is such a blessing and I couldn't be happier. On another note, our time there will be pretty short...but I will have time to squeeze in one session if you're in that area and would like to book with me! Just send me an e-mail at

Well there's my exciting news I had to share. Best believe I've already started the countdown too :) Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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  1. What the heck.....I want to go to NYC too!!! That's awesome!!!