Monday, November 15, 2010

Ryan&Cassie: Chino Hills/Riverside Engagement.

Ryan and Cassie got engaged on Christmas Eve. Dinner had just finished up at Ryan's mother's house and the whole family was around. Ryan came up to Cassie and asked her if she remembered how he told her a few days ago that the ring she liked was sold. Cassie replied, "yes", she remembered him telling her this but didn't know what relevance it had at the moment. Ryan then got down on one knee and said "They sold it to me".

I LOVE this story...just like I loved hearing other snippets of their history as Cassie shared stories with me during our consultation. It was all straight out of a they met when they sat next to eachother in Biology class in high school, fell in love...and the rest is history.

After 12 years, these two will be tying the knot in October 2011 and I am so honored and excited to be a part of it. For their engagement session, I couldn't think of a better place to shoot than the place where it all began, their high school. Check out the fun shots we got there, followed by some scenic ones in Riverside :)

May look like just another door, but this door is special. It's the door to the classroom where they first met! :)

And now for the shots we got in Riverside...

My favorite of the day :)


Don't be mistaken...this next one was not a pose. I was walking ahead, scouting out the next location, while Cassie and Ryan followed behind. I turned around and quickly snapped this. Ryan was carrying her so she didn't have to hike the paths in her heeled boots. TOO sweet, right? :)

And that's a wrap for this post! But that's enough cuteness to last you for the whole day!!! Lots more blogposts coming this week, stay posted! :)

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