Monday, May 16, 2011

The McNutt's {Maternity Session}

This is a very special post for me. Tiffany is a good friend and also fellow photographer. (Check out her blog HERE) I was superrrr honored when she asked me to capture her maternity photos with her hubby and her son. The McNutt's are expecting baby Drake at the beginning of July, but judging by Tiffany's belly, you would never guess it! She doesn't even look pregnant at all in some of the photos.

It's always exciting to photograph another photographer. Someone who appreciates the little things that normally slip by the untrained eye. But it's also slightly nerve-wracking...they know a lot of people in the business and they chose YOU. I will admit, it got me a bit nervous at first.

This was a very special and emotional session to capture because Tiffany's husband, Justin, was deployed for her first pregnancy with Luckas and was not able to be a part of the things he is this time around. I was very excited to get to capture all of those special things.

And here we go with the images...

Such a perfect mother/son moment!! :)

Helloooo gorgeous lady!!!

OH! Don't let me forget to mention that the amazingggg Sidney Morgan came along to the session to hang out with us! Seriously, you need to check out her blog. This girl is only 16 years old and already overflowing with talent. She amazes me!!!!

Hi Sidney!!

I had Sidney grab a couple of shots of Tiffany and I. This one was too funny not to post :)

And then a regular one :)

Sidney also got some images and video clips of me shooting. Some cool and some funny. Here's a couple cool ones. We'll save the funnies for a later time :)