Saturday, May 15, 2010

A day of firsts!

I am currently blogging from Dixon, a town in Northern California, and home of my good friend and phenomenal photographer Shannon Morse. I am so excited for tomorow(hmm it's 1am so technically TODAY!), because it is a big day for me..a day of many firsts!! Tomorow(Today?), Shannon and I will be shooting a wedding in Napa Valley, CA :) Along with my usual pre-wedding excitement/jitters, I am feeling a whole new set of emotions that represent me stepping out into a whole new branch of my life and business. Here are some of the very exciting firsts that this wedding is bringing for me:

-First post-internship wedding!
So excited to put into practice all of the wonderful things I learned from Sarah during my time in Nashville.

-First wedding far enough to travel on a plane to.
I will hopefully have many more of these soon, but this is the first wedding I've done that required a visit to my good 'ol friends SouthWest Airlines...

-First wedding with my Canon 5D Mark II.
Just purchased this lil baby a week ago and am so excited to put some miles on it! With the major upgrades I've made in my equipment, I am veryyy excited to give it a go!

-First of many weddings Shannon and I will be shooting together.
She will be coming out for one of my weddings in July, then later in the year I will be back here...and back and forth we will go :)

-And can I get a drumroll?.......First wedding with....CLOUD SHOES!!! make a long story short, I have done FAR too much shooting in uncomfortable shoes that kill me. Enough was enough, Shannon and I took a trip down to Payless shoe store looking for a remedy. After 20 minutes of searching, I found them.... The word "comfort" on the box caught my eye and after slipping one foot in, I was SOLD. Cinderella and her glass slippers were put to shame by this match. After trying them on, Shannon was making a purchase also. We like to call them cloud shoes, because the idea of walking on a million clouds doesn't even begin to cover the way these feel! For once, comfort conquered fashion.

I am so ready to take on this wedding tomorow and am confident we will ROCK it! Keep an eye out for the post which will be up very quickly!
I'll leave with a few photos from the night...3 images of wedding preparation :)

The Cloud Shoes! You gotta believe me, the unbelievable comfort makes up for every bit of "un-cuteness". Comfortably Unfashionable....Better Than Barefoot....

Memory cards formatted....CHECK :)

Charging lenses...making lists...flipping through bridal magazines...

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