Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cindy & Jesse: Wedding.

Here it is!!! My first wedding of the season! And what a special day it was :) Cindy and Jesse are so silly and fun and after getting to meet the rest of their families, I see where it comes from ;) Their day was super easy going and......FUN!!! I have never had as much fun at a reception as I did at theirs, Oh Boy.
Cindy and Jesse, thanks so much for choosing me to be a part of your big day. You guys made me feel more like a member of the family than a wedding vendor! I wish only the best for you and your little ones!

Now here are some highlights of the day...

Cindy, getting her hair done. Doesn't she have the most vibrant smile?!?!

Reading a letter from Jesse...

LOOK AT ALL THOSE CAMERAS!!!! These little cuties stole the show :)

I had to grab a shot of their youngest son peeking at me from between the pews. He was looking rather dashing in his little suit!!!

AHHHH we were SO blessed by the time of day we were doing their portraits during. The light was sooo amazing!

The little flower girl hanging out in the driver seat, having a snack. Her expression made me LOL as I was culling through the photos. So cute!!

Loved their cupcake stand! :)

Jesse's emotional dance with his sister, in memory of their mother, brought tears to everyone's eyes. Especially when his father stepped in to share in the moment...

I told you that these two are silly!! This was their idea!...

Now for some behind the scenes action!

I had to laugh when I saw the one photo my awesome second shooter, Daniel Cruz, snagged of me during the ceremony. Not only am I sitting down, but I'm also shooting the opposite direction of the actual ceremony. Great timing, Daniel!!! Lol. Don't let this fool you...I do work!!

Oh man....this reception was SO lively. When Daniel and I were done with our job for the day, we couldn't even bring ourselves to leave! So we spent the last 10 minutes of the night dancing with the guests and my lovely bride and groom. Here's a photo I snapped of Daniel doing the "camera dance", that literally made me laugh till I cried when I viewed it on my camera's LCD. (He's not QUITE as crazy as this photo makes him look) Hahahhaha. Enjoy!

Jesse and Cindy, viewing their same-day photo slideshow I made for them!

This is the "We love our photographer" photo :)



  1. You have an amazing talent, Kristen! My sis and brother in law look so good and I'm glad we made you feel like family and that you had a great time lol <3 I love all of the pics! Can't wait to see more!


  2. Hi Kristen, I loved viewing all these photos. I laughed so hard at the pix of Daniel because I was dancing right next to him while you & him were doing the "camera dance" it was great seeing the both of you having so much fun. Thank you so much for capturing this special day! This is Cindy's mom Soki