Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just a Peek :)

Okay so you know how I've been posting so many things about my new blog and site and the "top secret" projects surrounding it? Welll I only did that because the release really was supposed to have happened already! Unfortunately, due to some delays in certain elements involving the site...we're now looking at a release date of late April/May. I know...I'm bummed too! BUT, it will be awesome!! :) Here's some things you can look forward to seeing...
-Brand new super fun website!!
-New bloggggggg!! (bye bye blogspot)
-My new office!
-Photos from some unreleased sessions :)
-AND a BIG contest leading up to the site unveiling! So get ready for that if you wanna win big!!

Well I wasn't planning on sharing any of the material from the new brand/site. Buttttt... since it's still gonna be awhile and I feel bad about being such a sneaky's a little peek from one of the styled sessions :)
P.S. Hair and Makeup styled by my beautiful friend Celeste. She is amazing!! You'll get to see her work closer in detail later!


  1. LOOOOVE it! That dress is fabulous!
    So excited for you and to see your new site!