Wednesday, March 2, 2011


How many time's have you told yourself "I'll get to it later...." or "Later on when I have time, I'd like to...." ?
If you're anything like me, you probably do it A LOT. I always seem to find a ton of things I would love to do, but can never find the time to do them. You see, these things I really "want" to do always seem to get overshadowed by the things I "have" to do or "should" feel me?
Why is it that the list of things we want to do is neverending, but the time to do them, goes unfound?
The answer is simple: That's how life is.
The time is just going to keep ticking away no matter how hard we fight it. That time you are searching for, is passing you by.
I see the pattern in myself allllll the time. The book I could't wait to get, still sitting there months later without a page turned...the old hobby I'm DEFINITELY gonna take up again once I get past wedding season...the good friend whom I haven't seen in ages, that I'm FOR SURE gonna hang out with after I get a few more things checked off my to-do list...
Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.
If it's not one thing, it's gonna be another. If I'm busy today, chances are I'll be busy tomorrow...and next week...and next year!!! Especially as I take on new opportunities, my life just gets busier and busier and busier....
So I challenge you to take today to commit a little time to that special thing you've been wanting to do. (Unless you're planning on waiting till retirement!)
Do it TODAY.
This post isn't meant to be some profound message or eye-opening statement. It's simply something we've all known from the is as good a day as any :)'s kind of WAY off topic, but since I refuse to blog without a photo...I thought I'd share these photos I took of Rocko yesterday, in my great-grandmother's old wig. Poor poor Rocko. He looks like a cross between an elderly woman and a disco dancer. Enjoy! ;)

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