Sunday, March 27, 2011

Karleigh: c/o 2011 Senior Session.

Last week was funny. When I say funny...I mean frustrating. I had sessions scheduled everyday for a week straight..and ended up having to reschedule all but 3 due to crazyyyyy weather that came out of nowhere. Thanks, mother nature, thaaaaaanks....

But it wasn't all bad. The stormy weather kept me inside and I got a TON done, by means of working on my website, ordering products, editing, etc. AND...the sessions I did end up doing brought a whole new set of challenges for me, that left me prepared for anything that hits me in the future.

For Karleigh's senior session, we had planned from the beginning to shoot at the beach. In my head, I had dreams of glorious sunsets and amazing sun-drenched images. Those dreams were shot down real quick when I saw the forecast for the day. Clear mornings, with rain developing around 3. Being pushed for time already with her graduation being only a couple of months away, we couldn't afford to reschedule. I had no choice but to switch the session to morning.

Now, if you're a photographer, I'm sure you can sympathize with me on why a 10am-12pm shoot is not ideal for lighting. But I was up for the challenge...and things went exceptionally well! In fact there were a lot of great location opportunities we had that wouldn't have been possible if the sun had been lower in the sky. Score!

Anyways...Karleigh is so stinkin' cute. We had so much fun shooting! Especially with her best friend whom she brought along. She was able to help me get lots of laughs out of Karleigh...although I'll really never know what it was she was doing while I was shooting that made Karleigh laugh so hard haha. The outfits Karleigh brought along for the session were to DIE for. I was tempted to offer her a bonus session in trade for the bag of clothes. Seriously.

Here's my favorites of the shots I got of Karleigh!...

BFF's!!! Seriously, who DOESN'T want fun pictures like this with their best friend?!?! I certainly do!


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