Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project Playlist {I Do}

It all started way way back with this silly game I've played with my mom ever since I can remember. It's when you're listening to the radio and you set up a scenario for the next song that comes on...for instance.."The next song is your song to your future husband" or "The next song that comes on explains what kind of year you're going to have". It's pretty fun actually...you should try it sometime! :)

Fast forward to February of this year. Ty Lamothe and I were on our way home from our WPPI Vegas trip and we were...you guessed it...playing the song game with my ipod on shuffle. Most of the things we were coming up with were hideously bad and completely hilarious (my first dance song at my wedding was a song by Eminem. lol!). But at one point we came to a song that was adorable and fit the scenario perfect...and that's when the magic happened. When that adorable, perfect, song came on...the first thought that came to our minds was "We should do a shoot of that!". After that, we continued going through all of the songs on my ipod, realizing how many would make super fun styled sessions! We could already see the images that perfectly represented each song. Some songs even gave posing cues, describing body language between two people. It was like we were seeing connections we had never seen before between these two worlds that we already adore: Music & Photography. We thought and thought about it, and...

Project Playlist was born :)

Overwhelmed with inspiration, Ty and I got our ideas together and created this project that we will be working on throughout the year and maybe longer :) What's going to happen is we will choose a song, find models who fit the part, style all of the elements of the session to tie in the song, shoot it, create a slide show that puts the final images to the song that inspired them...and then blog it for all of you to see :) I guess you can think of it as a still image music video! So...what do you think?! Will you come back to check out future Project Playlist posts? We need opinions here, people!

We have a pretty extensive list of songs we will be using, but one of my top priorities was Colbie Caillat's "I Do". I have been IN LOVE with this song ever since I heard her play it live at her concert last fall :) So the song was decided. I even had a super cute couple picked out. Nicole and Bobby...they are seriously the cutest (but you don't have to take my word for it...you'll see!). The song was picked and the couple was locked in. Now what? When Ty called me, bursting with excitement about doing the session at a carnival that just randomly happened to be in town...our problems were solved :)

So the funny thing about this session is everything was SUPER last minute and a bit stressful. Ty and I are pretty busy...so finding a date we could both do it was not easy. Getting together ahead of time to style the details was near impossible. Which left us frantically digging through Bobby and Nicole's clothing as well as bunch of stuff I had, just two hours before we were scheduled to shoot! Yeah, kinda stressful. BUT...we pulled it off :) Nicole ended up styled head-to-toe in random things I had lying around my house. Not too shabby though. (We were STOKED when the little white vintage dress fit her perfectly!).

Well it's about that time...the suspense is killing me.... here is the slide show (which is really what the project is all about...so be sure to watch it!), followed by my favorite images :) And I really mean it about the feedback guys...Ty and I really wanna know if this is something cool you would like to see more of...or something blahhh, no good, get it outta here. :P So take a minute or two and help a sister out! :)

Speaking of Ty, be sure to run by her blog and check out her awesome slide show too! :)

Okay now, HERE IT IS!!!!...

Omg....could they be any cuter?



  1. Love times a BILLION!!! There's something magical putting pictures to music, and you totally nailed it Kristen!! :)

  2. Beautiful! Super fun location. And I love her dress!!

  3. OMGOODNESS!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  4. Thanks guys!
    Ginger, would you believe that I found that dress at a thrift store for $4 and have had it lying around waiting to be used for the last year? :)

  5. I love the idea Kristen! and it was so so so fun to watch to the music. LOVE love love love.

  6. This was a great idea!
    Music + Photography = Love<3

  7. OMGOSH absolutely loved it. Keep it up I can't wait for more!!!!!

  8. Thank you so much! You guys are the best :)

  9. Looks like you've got the creative ideas going.

    It should be interesting to see what other great ideas this leads too.

  10. great job! these look awesome. the backlighting was a nice touch! Did you light these with available light, a spotlight or off camera flash?

  11. Thank you! :)

    Sarah- All available light! The only ones I used flash on were the indoor diner ones and the last few ferris wheel ones(The close ups). Other than that...all high ISO's, slow shutter speeds and wide apertures ;)

  12. Absolutelyyyy keep doing it! It was so much fun listening to the song and feeling so emotionally connected to the photos.