Friday, July 2, 2010

After Hours: A whole new photo experience.

Sometimes I'm shooting and I get this urge for more..... I'm always looking for some way to create photos that are unique and stand out from what you see everyday. This is why night sessions have stolen my heart. I first got the idea to create After Hours when I snapped a few quick photos of my friend in an empty parking lot after her graduation..then it just clicked in my head "this might really be something people would like". I know I am not the first photographer to do a shoot in a parking lot at night and will definitely not be the last, but night sessions are still fairly rare to come by and the photos produced by them are serious attention grabbers. I received an overwhelming response after posting my first few night sessions and thus I created, After Hours.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to turn to the dark side and shoot night sessions only from now on! I still expect to do much more day work than night. After Hours is simply an option. To start off with a bang I am releasing a special on night sessions(see the flyer below). I never say never, but I am about 98% sure I will not offer sessions at a price this low again. So get it while you can!

I am so excited to start shooting more night sessions and have been scouting some awesome new locations that I cannot wait to use for the new clients! To book your After Hours session email me at Here are a few more details and some photos to refresh your mind :)

*Price applies to sessions that are local to me.
*Can be used for any type of session as long as it is outdoors at night ;)
*Valid only in July.

Email me at to book yours!!!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures!! and fabulous concept!! Love it