Friday, July 9, 2010

Steve&Carrie: Las Vegas Wedding.

This wedding was one that I picked up very last minute, which always makes it a bit more exciting. Especially when it involves a trip to Vegas! Another thing that excited me was when I found out it was a night wedding. I loooooove shooting at night, and this was my very first After Hours wedding. So exciting :) The venue was GORGEOUS, overlooking a lake and full of twinkling little lights everywhere. I had a few obstacles to get around that night, that made the experience quite interesting, but didn't stop me from capturing the shots I needed! All of it made for some pretty good laughs afterwards, just ask "Uncle" Steve and "Aunt" Carrie...they know! ;)
Here's a few favorites!

Carrie and her grandson, Jeremy.

The full moon came out to say hello!

Walking through an enchanted garden??? I think so!


  1. Kristen, you're ridiculous! ;) haha these are great!

  2. Yay I love being ridiculous!!! Thank you :) hahahaha