Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Growing Together.

Owning your own business. Well there's really nothing quite like it. It is probably one of the most rewarding/frustrating/time-consuming/fun/scary/adventurous things you can ever do(besides having children! and that's a whole different story!). I was just talking to a friend and fellow business owner about it and I explained to her my take on the business "climb" and it really got me thinking about my beliefs on helping others on their climb.
For me, starting and establishing my business has been exactly like climbing a ladder. When I first started I knew there would be a lot of steps, knew there would be struggles, knew it wasn't going to be easy, yeah, yeah, yeah...I knew it all. HA! The ladder I saw at the beginning of my career was more like a step stool compared to what the real business ladder turned out to be. So many expenses, projects, and steps I had never even thought about. OUCH.
The crazy thing is when you are on this ladder, making your way up, and you look around there are SOOOOO many people making the same climb you are. Some may be a few steps ahead, some a few steps behind, others are exactly where you are. Some will be lending a hand, trying to help you get to the top...others will be pulling at your ankles trying to bring you down. My goal is to ALWAYS be the one helping others up. For me there is nothing better than having friends in the same business who you support 100% and who do the same for you. With every person you help, that is one more person rooting for you to get to the top.
Where would I be without the other amazing photographers who have helped me in my climb?? Probably still over in the sidelines trying to conquer my step stool. Hahahaha....but really. I am so grateful for the help I have received and I would love to give just as much help back to anyone who needs it. It is so frustrating to find business owners who see everyone else as competitors and only wish success for themselves. How sad. Of course we are all competitors, but what a lot of people don't realize is there are millions of people getting married, tons of babies who need their first pictures done, hundreds of families looking for Christmas card photos. There's enough work for everyone(this goes for all businesses, not just photography!). And if you run a business that represents yourself(as you should be!!) then you are eventually going to attract the perfect client that wants to book you because of who YOU are and if the client is sold on who YOU are, then who else is going to be able to compete with that?! There's only one you!!
The moral to the story is....if someone needs help and looks to you for it, give them a hand. If you are helping other people get to the top of the ladder, that can only mean you are moving in the upward direction too. If you are constantly trying to knock other people down, you might just fall down with them. Think about it....what can be more rewarding than helping someone achieve success? Besides, if you are only helping contribute to other people's failures, then what does that make you?

So for all photographers...if you ever have any questions about anything or need any help, feel free to contact me at :)

I will close this post with a photo of the new little friend I made the other day :)

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