Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chris&Heidi: Huntington Beach Engagement.

Oh what a fun session this was! These two were absolutely FULL of laughs and silliness. One thing you should know is that Heidi is always smiling, ALWAYS. Trust me, I know her. I am yet to see her with anything but a big, bright, beautiful smile on her face. These two are so unique and their session was the same. Full of energy, non-stop laughter and lots of action shots! Best of all, they were down for anything! When I gently hinted at them getting a teeny bit wet, they not only agreed...but ended up getting in up to their elbows...without me telling them to. Such troopers. You wouldn't catch me that far in the water in my clothes! This is exactly why I am the photographer and cool people like Heidi and Chris are the people who I photograph :)

Heidi, you are beautiful!!!

Told ya they were a fun couple!! :)

One of my faves for sure! Simple, but it needs nothing more.

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