Saturday, July 24, 2010

Katrina: Portrait.

Ummm...WOW. Well I really don't know what to say about this session other than...WOW. I won't even try to describe or explain these images, I will just leave you with them to feast your eyes upon and three interesting facts about this absolutely gorgeous girl, Katrina.
1.)She's actually NOT a professional model. "WHYYY??!!?!" you ask?. She's actually a couple years into a long journey to become a....DOCTOR! She's got big plans to change the world and save lives.
2.) She has amazing style. All of the outfits shown are 100% creations of her own :)
3.) She is a total trooper...didn't complain and was down with all of the crazy locations I brought her to even when it got to be over 100 degrees! She's pretty awesome :)

Katrina, you could make Tyra jealous...


  1. Love this! She looks great in all the photographs. You can't even tell it was 100 degrees!

  2. She looks amazing, gorgeous pictures!!