Friday, October 15, 2010

Aaron&Alena: Married.

A few weeks ago, I tagged along to shoot a wedding with my friend Daniel Cruz. There's actually a bit of coincidence involved here... When I first agreed to shoot the wedding with Daniel, I was clueless as to who the couple was and any specific details. All I knew is where to be, and when. Simple. It wasn't until a few days before, that we were discussing the timeline for the day, that he mentioned the bride's name. ALENA. Whoa whoa whoa...wait...ALENA? That's not the most common name. Could it possibly be the same Alena whom I was good friends with in high school, but hadn't talked to since? The Alena whom Daniel and I both attended high school with? Well of course, it was the same Alena. Funny how that works. But that's nothing out of the ordinary right???? You see an old friend for the first time in years and it happens to be on their wedding day. And you're photographing it. Happens all the time right?? hahahaha. On another note, the whole day was so beautiful and I loved getting to be a part of it! These two are just the cutest! After you're done with this post, be sure to head over to Daniel's blog and see what he captured!

Here's the favorites :)

Check out these beautiful bridesmaids. btw, I LOVE the pink and black color scheme! ;)

And of course we had to show off those fabulous shoes...

And here's what was going on up top while the last shot was being taken :)

Alena, dancing with her father :)

It's a super simple concept, but this still has to be one of my favorite ring shot's I've gotten!

The new Mr&Mrs.

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