Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Birthday Fun.

Yesterday was my birthday. It came around so much sooner than expected(are we REALLY almost halfway through OCTOBER???) and passed just as quickly. I had plans to do nothing more than relax and do NO work. But as the day progressed, I changed my mind and decided to pull together a little last minute bbq/get together with just a few close friends. It turned out to be SO much fun. We ate, talked, laughed and took a million hilarious pictures with the last minute "photobooth" that I was so happy I decided to set up. These pictures make me laugh till my stomach hurts and I am so glad to have all of the hilarity documented. Thank you so much to everyone who made my day special...all of the texts, calls, facebook posts, messages, cards, and good wishes! You guys are the best!!!

Now here's a little glimpse of the fun...


  1. omg these pictures are so cute and you are just soooo beautiful! ~leeanne

  2. Your crazy, I love these pics.....and happy belated birthday cuz!!!

  3. happy late birthday sis! ahhh I wish I was there to have the fun with you I miss doing silly things like that.. Love you