Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Bishops: Family.

The Bishops are one of my most favorite families ever and I have been photographing little Kane since he was still in mom's belly!! Kane was an adorable newborn and somehow manages to get cuter and CUTER everytime I see him. He is just bursting with personality and has a million facial expressions. I had a hard time stifling my laughter and taking the photos as Kane made grrrr faces, fish faces, scrunchy faces and huge smiles. I had so much fun photographing the Bishops yet again and can't wait till next time! It's going to be pretty amazing if Kane finds a way to get even cuter between now and then!!!

Here's the favorites....

Here he goes with the silly expressions :)

Kane and his uncle!

I just love this face here hahahaha.

A shot with Mommy and a shot with Daddy :) I know Kane is super adorable and he's all you want to look at...but in this next photo can we just take one quick second to pause and look at Melissa's legs?? You know, the girl who just had a baby only 7 MONTHS AGO!!!! My goodness, you are one hot mama! Okay, now back to looking at Kane :)

Here's Kane, in his costume, sitting in front of a pumpkin that weighs more than his mom, dad, and him all put together!!! Really!!!

And we will wrap this up with a shot of the proud, loving parents :)