Sunday, October 17, 2010

Keaton: Children.

This is Keaton. And all I can say is he is going to be a total HEART-BREAKER about 15 years down the road. Hide your daughters!!! Keaton's mommy had the idea to do a fall themed, pumpkin patch session and I looooved the idea. The location was completely perfect and kept Keaton entertained the whole time. Keaton is so smart and serious for a little one. At one point I tried to get him to crack a smile by doing a silly dance and shaking my car keys around, and instead of getting a laugh...he gave me a look like I was a total crazy person. It was pretty hilarious! Seems like he's a good judge of character ;) hahahhaha.

Check out all of these fun shots of him and his mommy!

Wearing his Navy shirt for Daddy, who is currently overseas.

Trying to lift the pumpkin, and he almost got it off of the ground!

The sunset as we were leaving....Seriously JAW DROPPING.

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